Tankless Hot Water Heater Maintenance

We protect the warranty of your heater in time

Tankless Hot Water Heater Maintenance

We protect the warranty of your heater in time

Please Read Your Tankless Gas Water Heater Manual

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Most units manuals don’t cover hard water build up and will affect their warranties.

Scale build-up is caused by hard water and can be accelerated if the water heater is set at a high temperature.

– Refer to section “6.2 Flushing the Heat Exchanger” for more information.

– Refer to section “Water Quality Guidelines” to determine if your water needs to be treated or conditioned.

The water must be potable, free of corrosive chemicals, sand, dirt, or other contaminates.

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Tankless Hot Water Maintenance



Water: That contains chemicals exceeding required levels, affect and damage the heat exchanger.

It is up to the installer to ensure the water does not contain corrosive chemicals, or elements that can affect or damage the heat exchanger.

Replacement: Of the heat exchanger due to water quality damage is not covered by the warranty.

This water heater includes a service indicated/ reminder

Service Soon (SS)

When selected in the parameter settings, an SS code will display on the controller indicating that it is time to flush and service the water heater.

An LC diagnostic code also indicates the unit is beginning to lime up and must be flushed.

Failure to flush the appliance will cause damage to the heat exchanger.


Damage caused by lime build-up is not covered by the water heater’s warranty. Rinnai strongly recommends installation of isolation valves to allow for flushing of the heat exchanger.

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